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Proposed Erection of a 14-Storey Residential Flat Development (Total 47 Units) with Attic, Carparks on 1st Storey, Mechanized Parking Tower on 1st and 2nd Storey, Sky Terrace and Swimming Pool on 2nd Storey on lots 01151N, 01152X, 01153L and 09641V (PT) MK 17 at 10, 10A, 10B, 12, 12A, 12B, 14, 14A, and 14B Leicester Road (Toa Payoh Planning Area)

Macly Pte Ltd


Proposed Erection of a 6 Storey with Attic Development Comprising a Shop at 1st Storey (Total 1 Unit) and Residential Flats on the Upper Floors (Total 20 Units) with Swimming Pool on Attic Level & Mechanised Carpark on the 1st Storey on Lot 97663M, MK 17 at 01 & 03 Opal Crescent

Macly Pte Ltd


Proposed Erection of a 5 Storey Residential Flat Development with Attic (Total 15 Units) with Swimming Pool at Attic Level and Mechanized Carpark at 1st Storey TS 18 on Lots 01763A and 01763K at 84 Shrewsbury Road (Novena Planning Area)

Macly Pte Ltd


Proposed Erection of A 16 Storey Residential Flat (Total  99 Units) with Mechanized Carparks, Swimming Pool and Sky Terrace at 4th Storey on Lot 99696C MK 25 at 162 Haig Road (Marine Parade Planning Area)

Mequity Two Pte Ltd


Proposed Condominium Development on Lot 5198N, 5199X PT MK 5 and 3648P PT MK1 at Bukit Batok East Avenue 6

Lian Beng Construction (1988) Pte Ltd


Proposed New Polymer Laydown  and Access Road Connecting Existing Singapore Chem ical Plant on Lots 1631P-PT, 889L-PT, 745-PT, 745V, 649-PT and State Foreshore CP Lot A17976B, A17976E MK 34 at Pulau Pesek and Pulau Ayer Chawan for Exxonmobil Singapore Parallel Train Project

Loh & Loh Construction (Pte) Ltd


Singapore Parrallel Train Project Exxonmobil Chemical Asia Pacific

Loh & Loh Construction (Pte) Ltd


Proposed Erection of 17-Storey National Liberary Board Building with 3 Basements on lots 612M TS11 at Victoria Street

Admin Construction Pte Ltd


Proposed New Extension with Alteration and Addition to Existing Single Storey Grocery Warehouse with 3-Storey Addtional Offices on lot 2292 MK7 at No. 37 Joo Koon Citcle for M/S Grocery Logistics of Singapore Pte Ltd

Hock Eng Seng Building Construction Pte Ltd