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From its inception in the year 1997 JPL Consultants Pte Ltd has grown steadily, delivering architectural, civil and structural engineering projects of increasing complexity and value in Singapore and major cities around the world. JPL has developed a systematic approach in fulfilling development needs by offering services in civil and structural engineering, project supervision and management, and appraisals to name a few. As the years have gone by, JPL has gotten the reputation of providing receptive and effective, on time, and within budget quality service. We pride ourselves in being able to meet our clients' ever changing needs.


Highly motivated and experienced, JPL qualified professionals are skilled and confident to adhere to our clients’ requirement. To cater for our client’s need in China, JPL established a subsidiary office in Shenyang in year 2007. It has grown into sizeable professional practices that not only serves projects in China, but support our HQ’s project when needed.


JPL Consultants is dedicated to expanding itself as a major consultancy firm here in Singapore as well as in China, not only in the provision of architecture, civil and structural consultancy services, but also in project management. Our target is to become a competitive agency in the Asian Market.


Currently, JPL Consultants service a wide range of clients in Singapore. We involved in projects ranging from media, private housing, industrial, government as well as educational institutions. In celebration of our 10th year in civil engineering consultancy services, JPL Consultants opened our 1st subsidiary in Shenyang, China in 2007. We are extremely pleased that our subsidiary is going strong and have been involved in a number of high profile projects.


JPL Consultants have also been involved in a number of big oversea projects such as Dubai Inter national Airport, India Jaipur International Airport and Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Airport. In Singapore, JPL Consultants is currently involved in the IR at Sentosa as well as a number of upgrading works to various army camps across Singapore. We are dedicated to continuing our good work, and hope to provide our expertise to more clients in the near future.